GOTA Honey

GOTA Honey

                  GOTA’s rich, unique wide range of honey products are a true treasure of Alentejo.
  • GOTA Orange Honey

Orange Honey

Orange trees (along with olive trees) are considered to be a symbol of Alentejo. GOTA Orange Honey explodes with a bold sweetness and a subtle citrus flavour, created using only the best oranges that our region is famous for. Locals love this honey not only for its flavour, but because of its health benefits – Orange Honey contains a great amount of vitamins and minerals. GOTA Orange Honey has a sweet yet mild flavour and a light citrusy, fruity taste. Initially the aroma is of medium intensity reminiscent of orange blossoms, and then it takes on additional delicate fruity notes like marmalade. Orange blossom honey has a special feature – it contains caffeine, although the amount is less than 4 mg/Kg of honey.
  • GOTA Flora Honey

Flora Honey

Alentejo’s fertile land holds a lot of secret treasures and one of them is wild flowers. We carefully reveal this secret and share it with you by offering the best, traditional Flora Honey. GOTA Flora Honey is deliciously sweet and memorable. Created from a blend of unique wild flowers, it is especially fragrant. It is their rarest type of honey because it is collected from experienced local beekeepers, and composed of nectars from flowers blossoming only at particular periods of time in particular places.
  • GOTA Rosemary Honey

Rosemary Honey

Rosemary honey is a premium honey. Woodsy, pleasant, well balanced, with delicate notes of the pine-like scent of Rosemary evident in its sweet aroma. It has a persistent medium, sweet taste that grows with the finish. An extraordinary honey. It contains weak acidity without bitterness which lingers in the mouth. Moderate natural crystallization is very fine. GOTA Rosemary Honey is delicious over feta cheese, and pairs well with blue cheeses and semi-soft cheeses.
  • GOTA Thyme Honey

Thyme Honey

Thyme is a member of the nectar-producing mint family, Lamiaceae. Their unique, GOTA Thyme Honey blend results in a very strong, intensely aromatic honey with herbal yet sweet flavours which some say can be reminiscent of tropical fruits. A little can go a long way! Thyme honey has many culinary uses. It is delicious on toast and crepes, but it can also add sweetness to tea and herbal infusions. Culinary aspects aside, thyme honey also provides health benefits thanks to its strong antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-allergenic properties.

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