ML Oils

ML Oils

ML oils are must-have for relaxing the body, extinguishing dry skin and relieving tensions. Their “liquid gold” oils are an incredibly luxurious, beautiful blend of their olive oils and other natural ingredients which will leave your skin soft, satin-smooth and smelling great. You can use these oils in a relaxing bath, on your body or even as a massage oil.
  •  Foot Oil Verbena

                             Foot Oil Verbena

ML Verbena Foot Oil is created using only natural ingredients. Verbena is famous for its antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties and has a clean and crisp scent. ML verbena and olive oil combination is perfect for treating your tired feet. Watch as it instantly treats and transforms very dehydrated, cracked, broken skin and nails giving long lasting nourishment and moisture.
  • Hand Oil Pollen

                             Hand Oil Pollen

Luxurious ML Pollen Hand Oil has been created using a special combination of natural pollen and bees wax provided by local beekeepers and their premium extra virgin olive oil. The pollen and oil combination instantly restores comfort and adds a glow to one of the body’s most exposed areas. It hydrates and softens for healthy, radiant looking hands.
  • Body Oil Relax

                              Body Oil Relax

ML Relaxing Body Oil – made with 100% natural extracts, including cinnamon and their extra virgin olive oil helps soften skin and relieve stress for a feeling of complete well-being. Their olive oil locks in moisture leaving your body soft and satin-smooth. They included chili extract to stimulate blood circulation and cinnamon to help eliminate stress and irritability, promoting pure relaxation. One or two drops of this relaxing body oil will release a calming aroma and care for your skin using only the beauty of nature.
  • Body Oil Lavender

                            Body Oil Lavender

ML Lavender Body Oil is a classic, favourite moisturiser. With a scent that immediately dispels stress combined with their natural olive oil, it will leave you feeling calm and your skin looking wonderful. It is perfect after a stressful day, to help induce a truly restful sleep, or to recuperate after a long day at work. A mild formula with Lavender and olive oil calms irritation-prone skin and delivers lasting moisture to the body.  

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