GOTA Special Edition

GOTA Special Edition

In the seventy hectares of Monte, the old olive trees predominate and over eight years ago, these allowed Monte das Louzeiras to produce their first litres of oil. This was labelled with their initial brand, GOTA, which consists of four lines of high quality products, all produced naturally and without any addition of chemicals. GOTA Special Edition is created using famous, high quality olive oil infused with delicious herbs and spices. Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Piri-piri, Rosemary or Samphire will bring a new, exciting flavour to the most ordinary of dishes  
  • Extra Virgin Olive with Semphire


  • Extra Virgin Olive oil with rosemary


  • Extra Virgin olive oil with Piri Piri


We are the official partner for GOTA in Maldives. For more information, please get in touch with us via  or +960 300 0960 / +960 331 0960